The world leader in the science of skin care
Leading brand in the science of medical aesthetic skin care
Dr. PGA had successfully developed highly-functional cosmeceutical patented ingredients and the related 7 Factors skin care programs.
Made for Doctors,
  • Exclusive
  • Premium
  • Gentle
  • Ageless
with pharmaceutical grade production facilities & quality management system & Lab
  • Manufactured according to the ISO 22716:2007 – Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Production process monitored and supervised by Winston Medical, a PIC/S GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.
  • Pharmaceutical grade, modern and well-equipped Q.C. Laboratory for API/PM, Finished Products & In-Process control.
Latest Articales
Dr.PGA, a collaborated efforts by a panel of dermatologists. A series of specialist skincare formulas with highly recognized cosmetic blends of pharmaceutical grade ingredients improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. Dr.PGA offers skin pleasing remedies that provide deep-down moisturizing restorative products.