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Epidermal Growth FactorRecovery and Rejuvenation

 The discovery of EGF won Dr. Cohen and Dr. Montalcini the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1986. With prolonged activation, rhEGF is able to steadily and effectively stimulate skin repair for extended periods of time, with significant results in ameliorating post-op symptoms, including skin damage, flakiness, and redness, as well as skin burns directly resulting from AHA or laser treatments.


The EGF ingredient found in most products is composed of 53 amino acids, and is subject to a faster degradation rate due to its structural instability. By means of microbial fermentation, rhEGF is synthesized with an additional three N-terminal amino acids, which are specifically modified for improved molecular stability. This provides an extra protective layer and prevents against degradation with time and exposure.